Making Healthier People

Who we are.

If you opened this page, then I assume that you are“sick and tired of being sick and tired”, and I tell you friend, you can improve your health.  Maybe you wonder, "Why do my joints ache all the time", or "Why am I bloated after every meal", or "Why doesn't all the exercise I do shed the extra pounds that seem to appear overnight?" The list of symptoms can go on and on, and I want you to know that I have wrestled with my health for several years, on my own healing journey, and have regained energy, focus, mental clarity and more by using a functional approach to wellness.

So what excatly is functional wellness? I use this term because I think it describes what I aim to do with each client. Functional means discovering the source of a problem. For example, you may take a pill for indigestion, but what is causing that symptom in the first place? Functional nutrition looks for the root cause and then addresses the issue, encouraging the body's innate abilty to heal. Wellness means a comprehensive approach to benig well, not only using food and suplements to help remove impediments to healing, but also employing strategies to tap into the mind-body connection.

High school chemistry class taught me that some food is actually technology.  My teacher was a true chemist before becoming an educator, and she understood the effects chemical laden food could have on our bodies.  This was in the early 1980's, when convenience food was a fairly new concept and experiment, and no one knew that the ingredients in fast food were toxic.   She was way ahead of her time, and she instructed us to put a piece of bologna on the counter for two weeks and see what happened.  Well, nothing happened, because the product was full of chemicals and preservatives preventing mold, odor or change of any kind.  I can’t call bologna"food", because it is technology created specifically to stimulate your brain and tickle your tastebuds to entice you to eat it.  Fast forward to today, and a MacDonald’s meal will yield the same results.  Try it!

I never forgot that lesson, and when my health weakened in my late forties to the point that I had almost no energy, I was open to the idea that food could be a part of my problems.  Learning that I was sensitive to gluten was a beginning, but in my trainings I have learned much, much more about how to avoid the toxins that are in our food, water, air, ground and airwaves.  Staying healthy is much harder than it was 50 years ago, because we are assaulted daily with stressors that our grandparents did not have and our bodies are not designed to withstand.  We have a limit to how much stress and toxicity our bodies can manage, and when they reach maximum capacity, systems break down and we can end up with health issues of any sort, from chronic pain to sleep disorders to autoimmune diseases.

My mission is to help you rejuvenate your health while empowering you to know how to take charge of your body and achieve wellness.  My vision is that everyone will know that the functional approach is a powerful, viable and effective alternative to mainstream medicine, so that each person can determine for themselves which method, or blend of methods, serves them best.  I am constantly amazed at the body’s ability to care for us if we provide it with the materials it needs to heal. This is why I love this work.  Our bodies are created to be amazing healing machines, and armed with the knowledge of how to support them, we allow them to be just that.

The people involved

Meet the Founder

Mary Ruth Faulkner

I started FFW because I experienced the amazing healing power of my own body by utilizing a functional approach. The combination of my personal successes and the education I possess motivates me to help others. Armed with knowledge, I believe anyone can learn how to improve their health and live a fuller, happier and more energetic life. Based on your unique needs, I will help you gain the knowledge to obtain and maintain health. Many, many people come to a functional approach only after experiencing failure with a pharmaceutical one. My vision is that functional nutrition becomes a primary choice when people want to get well, and I want to participate in this movement of increasing awareness that a well-supported body can heal itself. As we work together, I will be there to support you the entire way and remain dedicated to your success. We have the best opportunity to make changes by embracing the values of intention, persistence and understanding. We can do it, we can get there, you can heal.

I can’t tell you how much better I am and how much more empowered I feel with the knowledge I have gained through Mary Ruth. She really is dedicated to wellness — her own, her family’s and her clients’ — and it shows in her genuine and generous nature.

Sheldon Tucker