Gather subjective and objective data and work alongside you to develop and implement the best strategies to support your body

How we can help you

Its all about you. We want to address your unique needs and make sure you get custom tailored care you deserve.


Before your initial appointment, I collect a large amount of information from you so that I will have answers to most of my questions before we even meet.  In addition to a medical history form, I will send you an online Symptom Inventory and a Food Journal to complete that will give me a detailed account of how you are feeling, what may be imbalanced, and where we might begin our work together.


At our first ninety minute appointment, I take time to clarify any questions I have from the collected data and hear from you any other details you want to share.  After this in depth discussion, we consider any tests that could give us more information, and then we formulate a plan to work with you and your doctor to address any imbalances we find.  We will have monthly forty-five minute follow-up appointments (more frequently if needed), while we work together.


When we see progress, we will decide if we need to re-test to confirm results or move on to support other problems in the body such as digestive complaints, hormone imbalances, or autoimmune issues.  I will work with you as long as you want the support.

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Other Services


Review your current food choices and recommend specific changes, based on the assessment data, to rejuvenate your body


Understand the rhythm of your daily life and identify any lifestyle factors that might impede progress as we work together to rebalance your body


Assess if supplementation is needed to help remove any blocking factors in your body


Educate you on how to protect yourself from everyday environmental toxins and develop healthy lifestyle habits that promote and maintain wellness