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Not only is much of our food supply tainted with toxins, but our environment is also more toxic than you may think, impacting our digestion, energy, hormone balance and overall health.  Our cells have receptors, think of them as parking spots, where beneficial nutrients are supposed to park and enter our cells, but toxins often beat the nutrients there, block the spots and disrupt normal cellular processes. This process leads to disease.


These toxins come from air, water, household products, personal care products, and electromagnetic fields from our electronic devices.  Mercury fillings leach mercury into our bloodstream, antibiotics cause an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in our guts, personal care and household products disrupt cell receptor function causing increased estrogen in women and men, and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) cause a stress response in our bodies which may require the use of all the nutrients we take in.


We will work together to evaluate areas where you may need to clean up your personal environment and implement strategies to do so.  We will also discuss ways to detoxify the body and determine which methods would suit you best.

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Gather subjective and objective data and work alongside you to develop and implement the best strategies to support your body


Review your current food choices and recommend specific changes, based on the assessment data, to rejuvenate your body


Understand the rhythm of your daily life and identify any lifestyle factors that might impede progress as we work together to rebalance your body


Assess if supplementation is needed to help remove any blocking factors in your body