Review your current food choices and recommend specific changes, based on the assessment data, to rejuvenate your body

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Food is the fuel that sustains our bodies, but in our modern culture there are foods that build our bodies and foods that harm our bodies, and it is difficult to know which is which.  Regularly consuming the wrong foods for your body leads to inflammation, which we now know is the main cause of disease.  Left unchecked, this inflammation can lead to weight gain, autoimmune issues, cardiovascular problems, and more.


We begin our work by discussing and implementing foundational food changes that everyone should make to their diets.  These changes help to decrease inflammation and remove stress from the digestive system so that the body can better extract nutrients from our food resulting in better energy, mood, mental clarity, hormone production, and others.


I use data from the assessments to determine which foods for your particular situation need to be restricted or removed for a period of time to lift the digestive burden from the body and allow it to strengthen and re-balance.  We will discuss ways to re-think meal planning in light of the changes you will make to your regular menus during and after our work together.

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Gather subjective and objective data and work alongside you to develop and implement the best strategies to support your body


Understand the rhythm of your daily life and identify any lifestyle factors that might impede progress as we work together to rebalance your body


Assess if supplementation is needed to help remove any blocking factors in your body


Educate you on how to protect yourself from everyday environmental toxins and develop healthy lifestyle habits that promote and maintain wellness